MPSD focuses on classical Russian ballet, known as Vaganova technique. This method emphasizes core strength, flexibility, extension and artistic expression. Other ballet methods (Cecchetti, and RAD) are also incorporated into higher level classes to give dancers a better overall technical repertoire.

Recommended for ages 5-6, this course will teach basics of proprioception, ryhthym, and gross motor skills. Basic feet and arm positions will be learned, along with introductory ballet steps. This course is designed for students who are not quite ready for the rigors of ballet technique, but want something more substantial than Creative Movement.

Ballet I
Recommended for ages 6-8, this class is for the beginning dancer. Focusing on posture, alignment and emerging musicality, students will gain an understanding of basic ballet steps, introducation to barre work, and some center combinations. Ballet I will likely be repeated more than once for younger dancers.

Ballet II
Recommended for ages 8-10, this class will grow those dancers who have mastered the basic concepts of body alignment and placement in Ballet I. Ballet II will allow dancers to explore more intermediate steps in center and introduce petite allegro, adagio, and grand allegro. Dancers will likely repeat Ballet II for one or more years.

Ballet III
Recommended for dancers 10-12 who are able to complete intermediate/advanced combinations with consistantly correct alignment and musicality. This class is designed for the dancer who is emerging in their technique and ready to explore more artistry in their class. This class will most likely be repeated one or more times.

Ballet IV
(By audition only) Recommended for dancers 12+, this class caters to dancers who are working toward technical proficiency and advanced artisitic expression. Complex combinations at the barre, in center and across the floor will be given at a fast pace with attention to details of technique. Dancers should have at least four years of previous ballet technique before entering this class.

Pointe I and Pointe Prep
(With permission) For dancers who are currently on pointe or would like to dance in soft shoes and gain increased ankle strength while working toward dancing on pointe. Pointe dancing requires tremendous strength, proper alignment and excellent tecnhique. All dancers entering this class on pointe must be approved by the instructor and take the previous Ballet IV class as a warm up.

Adult Ballet
Recommended for any and all adults interested in ballet. We will explore technique and movement in a fun accessible way that caters to a wide variety of levels and skill sets. Each class will have options for beginning and advanced students, making the experience personal to every skill set.


Hip-hop I
Recommended for dancers age 8-12. Welcome to our rhythmic adventure where awesome movments meet growing confidence. We will make fun and cool movements to create unique and dynamic choreography together!

Hip-hop II
Recommended for dancers ages 13+ This class will cater to the older dancer who is interested in learning urban dance while increasing their personal confidence and performance ability.

Adult Hip-hop
Recommended for adults of any skill level, no experience required. Professor Bird will build on each student's movements to create unique and dynamic dance moves! This class is focused on confidence-building and fun.


Jazz I
Recommended for ages 6-8, this class will allow students to begin to build the foundations of jazz technique. Class will begin with technique warm up and lead into progressions across the floor with upbeat combinations that introduce terminology.

Jazz II
Recommended for dancers ages 8-10, this class will continue to build on the foundations of jazz technique and expand terminology. Class will begin with a warm up focused on flexibility and core strength. Students will learn progressions across the floor and choreography introducing intermediate level technique.

Jazz III
Recommended for dancers ages 10-12, this class will cater to dancers who have an intermediate knowledge of terminology, and a solid foundation of jazz technique. Class will begin with a technical warmup to prepare student's bodies for intermediate/advanced technique. Students will begin to explore a broader scope of jazz styles while learning more complex combinations and advanced choreography.

Jazz IV
Recommended for dancers ages 12+, students in this class will be expected to have an advanced knowledge of terminology and a solid technical foundation. Jazz IV will focus on tecnhical advancement and conditioning, preparing the body for more complex combinations. Students will work on their personal stylistic expression and incorporate advanced skill elements into their class performace.


Tap is a style of dance that is founded on several different types of traditional rhythmic dances. Dancers will have the opportunity to explore and grow in their understanding of rhythm, musicality, and percussive movements as well as understanding tap history and vocabulary, as they advance through four class levels.

Tap I
Recommended for students age 6-8, Tap I will allow students to explore rhythm, musicality and motor skills through simple exercises and basic tap techniques. Exercises focus on building flexibility and strength of the knee and ankles, and growing coordination skills.

Tap II
Recommended for students age 8-10, Tap II will allow students to build on their foundation of tap skills. They will learn more complex rhythms and tap skills, while expanding their understanding of rhythm and musicality. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique and producing clear tap sounds.

Recommended for students age 10-12, Tap III will expect students to have a solid foundation in tap; they will be pushed to learn more complex skills and vocabulary. Students should have a good foundation for rhythm and musicality so that they can become more creative in their movement and master harder tap skills.

Tap IV
(By audition only) Tap IV is for students who already have rhythm, musicality, and a strong foundation in tap skills. In this class they will learn complex movements and rhythms, and explore different styles of tap and tap improv, to help them develop a creative style of their own, as well as work together to create advanced, cohesive percussive movement.


Recommended for dancers ages 10+ this melded style borrows the elements of many dance genres including classical ballet, modern, lyrical and jazz. In this class dancers have freedom to explore new movement pathways and strive to connect the mind and body through motion.

Creative Movement
This class is recommended for children ages 4-6 who want to explore proprioceptive awareness, body coordination, and musicality through structured, age appropraite movement. No experience required, this class may be repeated more than once as skills will be altered to provide new and challenging uses of movement for your aspiring dancer!

Dance Combo
This class is designed specifically for ages 3-5 and explores begining creative movement principles for both tap and ballet. Students will recieve half the class as ballet and half the class as tap in a 45 minute format. Both tap and ballet shoes are required.