Performance Opportunities
MPSD firmly believes that performance allows dancers to develop their presence, confidence, and personal artistry. During our first year we are exploring many ways to give dancers this outlet. The following are areas we are currently researching for our students, though several are not yet confirmed. Stay tuned for updates!

• Dance United occurs every November as a fundraiser for the United Way through Central Michigan University. MPSD will bring a group of dancers to perform in a VIP hour during this event!

• Basketball game half time shows provide many performance moments for our dancers. Instructor Bird will often use aspiring dancers in these venues! Halftime show schedule is not solidified and will be shared soon.

• Ever popular in Mt. Pleasant, the Dickens Christmas festival provides collaboration with local artists! We will have a small performance of Nutcracker variations at Art Reach in downtown Mt. Pleasant.

• During the final class of the fall semester there will be an in-studio lecture demonstration for families and special guests. This is a time for dancers to showcase their progress from the last 14 weeks.

• A spring recital will be held in mid-to-late May, location to be announced.

Dress Codes for MPSD
Students should come into the studio ready to engage and learn. Being in dress code shows respect for the instructor and their peers and signals a mental shift that a different part of their day is beginning.

Ballet and Pointe
• Ladies: a solid color leotard, pink or flesh tone tights and hair pulled back into a secure bun.
• Ladies will be allowed to wear a skirt during pointe class.
• Gentlemen: a solid color t-shirt and form fitted pants with black split sole ballet shoes. Dance belt suggested for ages 13 and up.

Creative Movement
• Students should wear solid color leotards, pink, or flesh toned tights with ballet split sole ballet slippers (Pink for girls, black for boys). Hair is to be pulled back off face in a bun or in a ponytail.

• Students should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing (no jeans). A designated pair of tennis shoes is requested for Hip-hop to keep the studio floors in good repair (ie, a different pair of shoes than has been worn all day to school.)

• Students should wear a solid color leotard with pink, black, or flesh tone tights. Beige pull on jazz shoes requested. Students are allowed to wear small shorts or leggings at the discretion of the the instructor.

Parent and Child
• This class may wear any loose fitting clothing comfortable for movement. Socks or dance slippers requested.

• Students may should wear a solid color leotard with pink, black, or flesh tone tights. Black, hard shank tap shoes are required. Leggings, shorts, or other cover ups will be permitted at the discretion of the instructor.

Where can I get these items?
There are many, MANY websites that sell dance apparel. Here are few suggestions:

• Amazon.com
• Discountdance.com
• Dancewearsolutions.com

As always if you have questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Students under the age of 13 must be walked in and out of the building. We request parents arrive 5 minutes prior to the beginning and end of each class to ensure a smooth transition for classes occuring afterward.

MPSD Reserves the right to consolidate or cancel any classes due to limited enrollment. Should a cancellation occur, a full refund will be issued.

Should classes need to be cancelled due to inclement weather, an announcement will be made by 2pm via facebook and/or text message. Every effort will be made to contact students in advance.